Eek,An Urchin
Episode: 183a                                           
Airdate: October 27,2012
Season: Season 9
Previous Episode: Bumper to Bumper
Next Episode: Squid Defense


Spongebob is seen happily making Krabby Patties. He goes to put ketchup but spills on the floor. Oh dear. He starts to clean it but sprays his eyes and lets the spray roll underneth the grill. Trying not to hurt himself he reaches for it but picks a skull instead. He tries again but finds a Sea Urchin in his hand. Trying to get Squidwards attention he shouts as loud as his voice can until Squidward comes in and pulls him to ground. Spongebob explains the problem and they jump to the grill calling Krabs to come in and tell what's going on. Spongebob explains again the situation which Mr Krabs think he has gone bonkers He finds out and joins Spongebob and Squidward on the grill. However they forgot the grill was on (Ouch!) and they all jump into the toilets to cool. Once that's done they go back into the kitchen. Spongebob goes first with a bucket but he gets stuff with the Urchin still intact. Mr Krabs whacks him with a broom but get tossed and thrown. At last it's squidwards turn but lets it into the dinning room where it causes trouble and strife. Firstly it goes into a customers patty where he puts ketchup on it. (This is terrible!. You should never put that much ketchup on a patty) He bites it and lets the Urchin fly off to the soda machine where another customer goes and gets some soda and starts drinking ending the Urchin in his mouth (Eww). He coughs and splutters it out letting it fly onto a madams fries which she bits one of the Urchins Spikes thinking it was a chip (I think im gonna be sick). After all that ruckus Spongebob quiertly says no one noticed the Urchin causeing all the customers to run like wackos swcreaming. While that's going on Plankton try's a new plan of getting the Secret Recipe which is disguising as a guy wearing glasses but gets crushed by the customers sill acting like wackos leaving the restaurant. He asks what is going on only to be greeted by Krabs who tells him to get lost and calls him a pest. Plankton thinks hes bonkers then finds out hes right and flings on to Spongebobs face. Plankton proposes a truce to not steal the forumla until the creature has vanished which Krabs agrees. He calles Karen to send the death robot in which makes a entrance in 5 secs. Krabs thinks that Junk wont hurt a fly but plankton says its fullproof. He sets it to Urchin (Money Money Money Money....) Mode and orders it to attack. The robot see it and starts going on a rampage with a mallet killing everything in its way looking for it and destroying it. It runs to kitchen still trying to get the Urchin. The Urchin goes into Cash Register. Mr Krabs cuts the battle short as he like his money safe and sound. The robot rips Krabs skin off and puts it back as if it was a mistake. He orders it to give the mallet and smashes it into a lunchbox (Ok maybe the death robot wasn't the best idea).. After he calls spongebob and orders him to open the register so it can go into the lunchbox. He carefully and slowly does it to find it eating his money. He screams and goes on a rampage smashing the regester trying to kill it but dosen't and finds it on his mallet (AAHH!). Screaming he jumps on top of Spongebob. The Urchin spits out a quarter and goes into the kitchen. Squidwards runs to the rubble

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