Episode No.: 29b
Airdate: March 5,2001
Season: Season 2
Previous Episode: Survival of the Idiots
Next Episode: No Free Rides

"Dumped" is an episode from Season 2.





SpongeBob is playing a game of friendly tag with Gary. The Patrick comes along and gets introduced to Gary to Patrick. The game continues until Gary starts traveling around Patrick. And they have a sleep-over together. The next morning, Gary does not want to leave Patrick and SpongeBob wants to earn Gary's respect but it does not work. Out of jealousy, SpongeBob gets a new pet, just to show to Gary that he does not mind Gary not being with him. SpongeBob tries to earn him back by giving him things like a ball, snail nip and other things although it does not work. At first, he gets Rex, a worm. He also leaves him while SpongeBob was blabber mouthing. Next, he gets Lary, who is very rude and arrogant and always yelled and bossed SpongeBob around. For example: he made SpongeBob sleep on the floor and did not have a sense of humor. He also leaves him. Then SpongeBob compares Lary and Gary and then he compares Lary and Gary to Jerry, who was a real garden snail! That is kept in his pocket. Later, when Patrick does his laundry, at SpongeBob's house, SpongeBob cries and tries to earn back Gary's respect. But then Gary crawls in to the washing machine. Patrick and Spongebob look in the machine to discover Gary's mouth in Patrick's pants and Patrick says "HE ONLY LIKED ME FOR MY SHORTS!", but SpongeBob finds out that Gary only wanted the cookie that was inside Patrick's pocket. As SpongeBob and Gary, now reunited, go outside for a walk, a heartbroken Patrick stares after them and shouts, "Gary? I thought what we had was special!"


  • When SpongeBob thinks of the sleepover Patrick is having, Patrick audibly says "blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah" in the background.
  • Patrick brushes his underarm with the toothbrush. When he turns around to talk to SpongeBob, it is gone.
  • It is revealed that SpongeBob has another pet snail, Jerry: A photo-realistic snail.
  • When SpongeBob carries Gary away from Patrick, when it zooms in on Gary, his sleeve turns golden yellow.
  • When SpongeBob gets Larry, he states that Gary's name "will not be mentioned in this house." However very quickly after he mentioned the rule, he told Lary a joke Gary once loved. SpongeBob broke his own rule.
  • This episode was played in the DVD Recorder of "Bikini Bottom Best Friends Collection" with Survival of the Idiots.
  • It was revealed that Gary was hanging out with Patrick only for the cookie in his shorts. However, when Gary had a sleepover with Patrick, Patrick was in his pajamas. Shouldn't Gary have gotten the cookie when Patrick took off his shorts and then go back to Spongebob?
  • On that note, if Gary wants Patrick's cookie, why is he crawling all over him instead of getting the cookie? And the cookie should be all soggy if Patrick is underwater or it should float up to the surface.

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