Dear Vikings
Episode No.: 114a
Airdate: 28.11.2008
Season: Season 6
Previous Episode: The Card
Next Episode: Ditchin'

"Dear Vikings" is an episode from Season 6.





There's a new Viking-themed promotion at the Krusty Krab. It appears SpongeBob doesn’t know what a Viking is. He asks Mr. Krabs what it is but even Mr. Krabs doesn’t know. Mr. Krabs is bored of SpongeBob's questions and then just so SpongeBob stops annoying him he asks Squidward. Squidward is bored and turns out he tells him a few fake things. Then tells him to go away. So SpongeBob is determined to find out everything there is to know about Vikings. Since there's no better way to find out about Vikings than to communicate with them directly, SpongeBob writes a letter to the Vikings, and is surprised when they visit the Krusty Krab to answer his questions in person. But it turns out the Vikings are bad, and they kidnap SpongeBob and Squidward! Afterward, they promote SpongeBob to head chef and Squidward to bathroom attendant. Squidward objects and is about to be launched by catapult, but SpongeBob complains and is forced to duel with an axe. SpongeBob is unable to lift the axe to fight and a Viking yells "Heh, heh. Owned!". The ship crashes into an iceberg and everyone panics. SpongeBob fills the hole with his body and the episode ends as SpongeBob exclaims: "Now that's what I call a Viking-sized adventure!"


  • Ian McShane guest voiced as the leader of the troop of the Vikings, Gordon.
  • Vikings play Flaming Shield toss for fun, don't like singing songs, like B&W movies, and collect socks.
  • SpongeBob doesn't know about Vikings in this episode, but in Bubble Buddy, he celebrates Leif Erickson Day.
  • SpongeBob didn't have to launch himself from the catapult to plug the leak! He could squeeze himself there himself.
  • It is unknown how SpongeBob and Squidward got home (unless the Vikings brought them home).
  • When SpongeBob and Squidward were leaving with the Vikings Mr. Krabs said he was taking a lunch break but in Hooky he said there was no breaks.
  • The cups seems slightly larger in difference of each one.
  • According to Squidward, Vikings dress their pets as bricks on the weekends.

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