Dead Eye Plankton

Dead Eye Plankton

Dead Eye Plankton was a villain in 1883 who was from the East. So far, his only mention appearance was in the episode Pest of the West. He is one of Plankton's Ancestors. Dead Eye Plankton was arrested and thrown in jail after he was defeated by SpongeBob's great cowboy ancestor, SpongeBuck SquarePants at high noon by stepping on him. There was a song named after him called "Dead Eye".


Dead Eye Plankton looks like Plankton. He has a whip, to whip everyone and had some villaionus cowboy clothes, and a stovepipe top hat, and even though he was so small, everyone was still scared of him.

Things He DidEdit

  • He robbed this town! (Dead Eye Gulch!)
  • He pulled my pants down! (Pecos Patrick)
  • He made all the pretty girls cry! (Mrs.Puff)
  • He wants Mr. Krabs' saloon in the I.O.Us due tomorrow noon!

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