Club SpongeBob
Episode No.: 42a
Airdate: 12.7.2002
Season: Season 3
Previous Episode: SpongeGuard on Duty
Next Episode: My Pretty Seahorse

Club SpongeBob is an episode from Season 3.





Squidward appears from his house to take a ride on his bike to work. SpongeBob and Patrick are in a beanstalk tree house speaking in code about Squidward going to work and can be heard giggling. Squidward rides over to them, and begins to mock their secret language, but SpongeBob says that they cannot tell him about the secret language because he is not a member of the club. Squidward asks, What does it take to be a member, besides being a moron? SpongeBob tells Squidward that he could not even get into the club if he tried. Squidward says that he happens to be a member of over 20 different exclusive clubs all across the sea bottom. Patrick says that Squidward will definitely not fit in. Squidward says that they should be begging him to join the club and as such begins to climb the beanstalk. He gets inside the club only to find that the room is very small, and that is the type of fitting in SpongeBob and Patrick was referring to. He is then told that they have been stuck in the club for three days. SpongeBob and Patrick decide to initiate Squidward anyhow, and sing him the welcome song. Squidward gets annoyed and tries to get out of the club by pulling on a beanstalk branch, causing the whole tree house to go flying into the air, landing in a kelp forest, presumably in the middle of nowhere. As it is flying through the air, a couple has seen the club house, the male fish says to the female make a wish honey as the tree house flies overhead. The boys emerge from the tree house. Patrick and SpongeBob are excited because of the ride, but Squidward is frantically pacing and screaming about the fact that he is lost with SpongeBob and Patrick. He states "Why must every 11 minutes of my life be filled with misery? Why?" Squidward says that this is the end, but SpongeBob tries to reassure him by saying that they will be fine if they stick together and that they are fine because they have the magic conch shell. Patrick tells SpongeBob to ask it something, so he pulls the cord on the shell while asking if he will ever get married, to which the conch replies maybe someday. Squidward thinks the idea is absurd, and that it is just a stupid toy. The boys are angered by Squidward’s comment, and SpongeBob asks the shell what they must do to be rescued. The response: Nothing. Due to this, Patrick and SpongeBob proceed to sit down with blank looks on their faces, literally doing nothing. Squidward abandons them after mocking them again…He finds himself lost in the forest, until he sees a light at the end of the kelp tunnel. After running towards it, he ends up right where he began, which means that if he had been running in a straight line as was alluded to, that he would have had to run all the way around the world. This leads to Squidward setting up a semi-camp, starting a fire and trying to grill a bug on a frying pan. Where he got the pan is not specified. He continues to mock the two of them for listening to the conch, saying "As if the answers to all your problems will fall right out of the sky!" At the same time, a Picnic Supply Inc. plane falling out of the sky that must drop the load; a pre-assembled picnic table and umbrella, tent, and a very large supply of various foods. SpongeBob and Patrick immediately begin to dig into all the food. Just so he can have food Squidward apologizes for his selfishness but SpongeBob says that he should ask the Magic Conch what he should eat. The conch is apparently mad at Squidward for his prior remarks and tells him he cannot have anything to eat. After many tries, his head starts to morph, and grow red in anger. Suddenly, a park ranger appears. He sees the boys’ conch and lets everyone know he is a club member. He asks the conch what they should do now, to which the reply is..... "Nothing." The three of them flop down into the blank look once again; Squidward weakly joins them and, closing the episode, says "All hail the magic conch!"


  • Why didn't SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward head back to civilization through the path the ranger cut?
  • When Patrick yells "The shell has spoken.", it's a reference of "The tribe has spoken." on Survivor.
  • When Squidward is asking the conch shell if he can eat anything and in the last shot, when the conch shell says no, the conch shell is being held by SpongeBob's yellow hand, instead of Squidward's hand, but in the next shot, Squidward's holding the conch shell again.It could be Squidward with a yellow arm.
  • This is the first time SpongeBob and Patrick do not want Squidward to join them in what they participate in. Squidward even motions them to let him join by saying, "You should be begging me to join."
  • Squidward breaks the 4th wall when he says, "Why must every 11 minutes of my life be filled with misery." This is a reference to approximately how long an average episode is. Squidward did the same thing in the episode Nature Pants.
  • This is the second time Squidward gets lost. The first time was in SB-129.
  • Just why would everyone do nothing when they know they have to go home?
  • And sitting down is doing something anyway.
  • SB and Patrick thinks the Conch gave them the food but it really didn't. It is possible that since they are so obsessed with it they think it is the giver of foods.
  • This is the 2nd time Patrick's mouth is like a vaccum cleaner. The first time was in Grandma's Kisses where he uses his mouth to vaccum the cookies.
  • The Magic Conch is a reference to the Magic 8 Ball
  • if the magic conch is a reference to the magic 8 ball then how come spongebob said what do they need to do to get home? it's not a yes or no question!

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