Boating Buddies
Episode No.: 109a
Airdate: 7.7.2008
Season: Season 6
Previous Episode: Plankton's Regular
Next Episode: The Krabby Kronicle

"Boating Buddies" is an episode from Season 6.





SpongeBob finishes brushing Gary's shell and annoys Squidward again. SpongeBob starts chasing him and Squidward goes into his boat and drives away.However he runs over a stop sign and gets a ticket, and is sent in boating school with SpongeBob. Mrs. Puff asks the class why they are in boating school and a fish says he was caught speeding. Squidward then draws a diagram of why he is in boating school, then SpongeBob shows his part of the side. Squidward finds himself in a boat with SpongeBob and Mrs. Puff, while SpongeBob's terrible driving gets them in weird costumes and shrank to the size of a pen. Squidward gets bugged by SpongeBob on lunch, which is before the incident and he keeps getting mauled by musculer people. Squidward is covered in bandages and cast so he can't pick up the pencil, so he needs the help of SpongeBob, but he can't pick up the pencil in time for the test so he has to stay in boating school for another week. That's when Squidward screams.


  • It is revealed that Squidward sold the bike that he had to get further away from SpongeBob.
  • The old lady in Have You Seen This Snail? appears in this episode although she is walking around town probably looking for Gary.
  • Squidward says he has no criminal record prior to getting the ticket. However, he got arrested in Good Ol' Whatshisname.
  • Another thing revealed is that Squidward had to eat lunch near the trash cans in grade school.
  • Gravel got into SpongeBob's eyes!
  • During the test part, there are two problems. One: Mrs. Puff says how many minutes are left for the test, but she keeps saying it too fast. And two: the pencil just jumps out of Squidward's hand. This is impossible, pencils don't jump out of your hand.
  • The info for this episode on TV guides say Squidward is caught speeding. But he is not speeding, he just ran over a stop sign.
  • How could they return to normal size after shrinking just because of water?
  • This episode was supposed to aired on August 8 but aired one day early on August 7