Blackened Sponge
Episode No.: 95a
Airdate: 3.8.2007
Season: Season 5
Previous Episode: BlackJack
Next Episode: Mermaid Man vs. SpongeBob

"Blackened Sponge" is an episode from Season 5.





SpongeBob has a dream where he has to save someone until he sees a fish named Jack M. Crazyfish. It was a nightmare and SpongeBob loses the battle. His dreams disturb Gary's sleep all night. So SpongeBob goes to his bathroom to brush his teeth. SpongeBob cannot open his toothpaste, so he uses a wrench to open it. But he accidentally gets the wrench stuck in his eye lid so he gets a hideous black eye. So whenever people notice SpongeBob's black eye, he tells them that he was fighting Jack M. Crazyfish (Who he thought was actually fake), and he got the black eye from doing that. Later, when Jack M. Crazyfish arrives at the Krusty Krab and says he is looking for SpongeBob, the customers tell Crazyfish the story SpongeBob said. SpongeBob was very afraid and wanted to tell him the truth so he went back home and gets the wrench and the toothpaste. SpongeBob demonstrates it to Jack M. Crazyfish what really happened to him. SpongeBob then got a second black eye. Jack M. Crazyfish then tells him that he just came to the Krusty Krab because he has heard that SpongeBob makes great Krabby Patties, and he is hungry for one. SpongeBob then served him delicious Krabby Patties but because he had two black eyes he could not see very well. The patties then went flying to Jack M. Crazyfish. Jack M. Crazyfish then challenges SpongeBob to a game of rock, paper, and scissors. SpongeBob won the first time but he did not know for Jack M. Crazyfish cheated on him.


  • In one scene you can see a yellow Pineapple.
  • At first, Gary's shirt said "I'm With Stupid", but in the next scene the sign was not there.
  • During Sandy's version of SpongeBob's re-telling of his fight with Jack M. Crazyfish, he tells her he knocked off his hairpiece, which caused him to run away in tears. However, Jack M. Crazyfish was not wearing a hairpiece before SpongeBob kicked it off and is not seen wearing one in any of the other scenes he's in; he only wears a small, green hat.
  • This isn't the first time he received a black eye.
  • One of the scenes in this episode involve SpongeBob esterning.
  • In previous episodes SpongeBob got a black eye yet it does not last very long.
  • Spongebob changed his story of how he got the black eye to not be seen as a fool in the REAL story. But when he was telling a fake story of how he got the black eye to Sandy, he says that he hit his eye himself by a straw when was going to take a drink. That's embarrassing.
  • The Title Card music is the same as The Original Fry Cook and Rise and Shine.
  • This is the first episode of Jack M. Crazyfish he was next seen in 20,000 Patties Under the Sea.
  • When SpongeBob acts out a muscular body, there is a line under his underwear, but when he bends over and clutters through his drawer, the line was gone.
  • Frank says that sponges don't have eardrums, but SpongeBob has got an eardrum in The Inside Job.
  • This is the second time SpongeBob drinks tearsfrom a mug.The first time was in Karate Choppers.
  • The toothpaste tube depicted in this episode says "krust". This is probably a reference to the toothpast brand "Crest"

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