Atlantis SquarePantis
Atlantis SquarePantis
Episode No.: 92, Movie
Season: Season 5
Airdate: 12.11.2007
Previous Episode: Le Big Switch
Next Episode: Picture Day

Atlantis SquarePantis is a TV movie from Season 5.


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SpongeBob and Patrick are in Jellyfish Fields blowing bubbles. Patrick tries to take pictures of the bubbles, but cannot as the camera is too slow. Patrick blames the camera and stomps on it, but SpongeBob says it is not the camera's fault, then accidentally blows a bubble and gets them both stuck inside it. SpongeBob and Patrick start screaming for help, unaware that the bubble has carried them into a cave, miles from Bikini Bottom. The bubble bursts on what appears to be half of the Atlantean Amulet. SpongeBob notices the letters "ANTIS" on the side. Patrick concludes that the amulet probably belonged to SpongeBob's ancestors, thinking their last name may have been "SquarePantis." They travel to the museum to find out what it is.

Later, Squidward, who had been visiting the museum at the time, accuses SpongeBob and Patrick of stealing the Atlantian Amulet as he saw the half SpongeBob was holding. He then realizes, as he sees that the amulet is still on its platform, that SpongeBob must have found the missing half, which had been lost for eons. Sandy, who was at the museum as well, says that when the two pieces are joined together, the path to Atlantis is revealed. As Squidward discusses that history of Atlantis, Mr. Krabs joins them, after performing an unsuccessful scam earlier, thus bringing the group together. Squidward joins the two halves, as they are all very eager to see Atlantis.

A van then falls from the sky, which is the key to Atlantis. However, the automated computer aboard says that "song fuel" is required in order for them to move. As everyone sings to make the bus move, they do not realize Plankton is on the bus, wanting to use Atlantis's superior weapons to become emperor of the city. Everybody sings about what they want to see in Atlantis, but this is ruined by Patrick, when he interrupts Squidward's musical number. They crash land in Atlantis on a topiary garden, and the king, Lord Royal Highness, gives them a tour of the Atlantean Empire. As they pass the door to the weapons arsenal, Plankton sneaks in and marvels at the hundreds of weapons. As they travel into the treasure, science, and art rooms, Mr. Krabs, Sandy, and Squidward respectively decide they want to stay in Atlantis as one room had more than anything they could ever get in Bikini Bottom. SpongeBob and Patrick, however, only wished to see the world's oldest bubble, which was kept safe in a glass container. Lord Royal Highness leaves them alone in the room so that he could prepare dinner for them. However, disaster strikes when Patrick takes a picture of the bubble and it pops. At dinner, SpongeBob and Patrick, terrified as to what will happen when Lord Royal Highness finds out, admit they popped the bubble, ready to receive their punishment.

Lord Royal Highness, on the other hand, is not mad and says that the bubble they popped was only a tourist attraction. He shows them the real deal, and Patrick takes a picture, thus popping the real bubble. The group is chased by the furious guards and LRH, when Plankton intervenes and tries to destroy them with a tank he found, which really only fires ice cream. LRH picks up Plankton, saying that a "talking speck" would make a much better replacement for the bubble.As soon the group left, The LRH told one of the guard's to get rid of the coin so, they can never come back. Then he said. "I thought sponges were supposed to make life easier." The group then goes back home and everyone except SpongeBob is crying; they wanted to stay in Atlantis.


  • The title card music is the main title from Lawrence of Arabia, composed and performed by Maurice Jarre.
  • David Bowie guest voices as Lord Royal Highness.
  • When Squidward is singing his song, you see SpongeGar, Patar, and Squog for a short time.
  • The Sandy germ-fighting scene is a reference to many video games, including:
    • Dance Dance Revolution series
    • Super Mario Bros. (warp pipe)
    • Dr. Mario
    • Bubble Bobble
    • Street Fighter (logo)
  • Squidward saying Atlantis's streets are made of gold and the lamps are made of diamonds is a reference to the afterlife in Heaven where the Bible says that Heaven's streets are made of Gold, and the Gates are made of Pearls.
  • Squidward said the city disappeared. However, in Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy, SpongeBob claims that they had a mission in Atlantis. However, it is possible that they did it before it disappeared or that they made a joke about Atlantis? Also, in Sandy's Rocket (Book only),Sandy said that "They found it and SpongeBob lost it".
  • Atlantis SquarePantis acts as a musical movie.
  • The drawing of the people from Atlantis is very similar to the drawings on The Beatles' movie Yellow Submarine.
  • This is the first 45 minute episode/TV movie.
  • SpongeBob dropped his bubble-blowing wand when he discovered that he and Patrick were inside the bubble, floating away. In the next shot, however, it is gone.
  • The word "Atlantis" engraved into the amulet is first seen at the top of the amulet, but all shots shot after the amulet is joined together show the writing on the bottom left side of the amulet.
  • This episode has the most songs total with 8 songs.
  • Squidward's favorite food "Canned Bread" reappears in this episode but Squidward doesn't eat the food. It is in his painting.
  • When Potty gave Patchy the sandwich, Patchy mentioned that he does not like mayonnaise on his sandwich although there is only cheese there.
  • Why does everyone have to leave Atlantis when only Patrick pops the bubble?
  • This episode is similar to "Willy Wonka/Charlie and the Chocolate Factory".
  • There's no female Atlanteans. Maybe Atlanteans have no gender!
  • Squidward jumping into the paintings is probably a reference to Harry Potter and Super Mario 64.
  • Atlanteans are probably aliens. L.R.H. mentions a mother planet in the scene with destroying of the bubble.
  • The premiere of this episode drew 8 million views. The highest amount of views in there 10 year history.
  • This special is related to the episode Neptune's Spatula. King Neptune mentioned Atlantis, which appears to be Greek-like. However, in this episode, Atlantis looks a lot different than the other. Can there be two different cities of Atlantis?
  • Patrick mistakenly calls the Atlanteans "Atlantiseans" just before popping the fake world's oldest living bubble.
  • The credits list the episode title as "Atlantis SquarePants."
  • The german Title means "SpongeBob's Atlantic Adventure"
  • Spongebob might hate being inside a video game. It is unknown if he likes to play with them.
  • Notice that L.R.H. called Sandy "Sandra" when they are in the dining room.
  • How could a camera pop a bubble?
  • A way of weeds are appearing on other episodes by other companies:
    • The Wiggly Weed (from The Wiggles episode "Anthony & The Wiggly Weed")
    • The Rumor Weed (from VeggieTales' episode "Larry-Boy and the Rumor Weed")
  • Sandy has used Squidward as a gun, Partick as a Boomerang, Spongebob as a shield and Mr. Krabs a grasscutter.
  • When Plankton comes to the palace in the tank the first two scenes in the tank have the microphone seen, when Plankton throws the rock on the fire button, the microphone mysteriously disappears.Also,Lord Royal Highness puts Plankton in the jar too fast.
  • Patrick would've had enough time to take the picture of the The World's Oldest Living Bubble if he didn't just look at it calling it a "Beautiful Specimen" The same with the "Cheese Souffle" if he didn't just look at it.
  • In this episode,all the main characters except Gary have their own song and a song with everyone without Gary.
  • The plot of 5 sea creatures going into a Paridise is a reference on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
  • Look closer in Patchy segment, one of the cars resemble Ironhide from Transformers 2007 movie.
  • This movie is rarely seen on TV even on movie marathons.
  • Notice in the beginning of the germ-fighting scene, the words, NICKELODEON 1999 are seen at the bottom.
  • The Atlanteans resemble the Blue Meanies from the Beatles movie "Yellow Submarine".

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