All that Glitters
Episode No.: 72a
Airdate: 2.6.2006
Season: Season 4
Previous Episode: Karate Island
Next Episode: Wishing You Well

All that Glitters is an episode from Season 4





At the Krusty Krab, Bubble Bass goes up to Squidward and orders a Monster Krabby Patty. This shocks SpongeBob, Mr. Krabs and the customers. So the hands drop the Big patty on the grill and SpongeBob tries to flip it, but his spatula breaks. SpongeBob starts screaming madly everywhere. But SpongeBob cannot work without Spat. So the Spatula goes to hospital and SpongeBob follows him. He sees him in the bed and SpongeBob goes through a flashback of what they have done together. Then the doctor tells SpongeBob that he should get a replacement spatula and SpongeBob is sad. So he leaves the hospital and says that nothing else could replace Spat until he sees a high tech device called: LE SPATULA. SpongeBob gives into temptation and buys it with everything he has... including his pants! Once he bought it he goes back into the Krusty Krab and attempts to flip patties after Mr. Krabs sees LE SPATULA. Le Spatula runs away because it does not like filth and SpongeBob himself! Everyone was upset and then SpongeBob goes back to the hospital but before he got to see Spat, it was too late. He then sees the Spatula die but he finds out that that's not his spatula; his spatula was well patched up at the Infirmary. The doctor had told SpongeBob that he did not get the acting role... SpongeBob is delighted that Spat is back but Spat does not forgive SpongeBob. SpongeBob cries and cries until he gets back to the kitchen of the Krusty Krab. He sees Spat cooking Krabby Patties! And they are reunited! Then Spat and SpongeBob have to flip another Monster Patty but SpongeBob's arms come off and he ends up laughing.


  • Dee Bradley Baker voiced Le Spatula.
  • This episode was originally called "All Those Tears", but it was later changed to All That Glitters
  • When SpongeBob breaks the fourth wall, it is a parody of a line from Shakespeare's play "The Merchant of Venice".
  • The episode's title is a reference to the line All that glitters is not gold.
  • This is one of the ten episodes in which the title card has an animation. The others are SB-129, Pre-Hibernation Week, One Krab's Trash, Idiot Box, SpongeBob Meets the Strangler, Skill Crane, Karate Island, The Donut of Shame, and The Krabby Kronicle.
  • To obtain Le Spatula, Spongebob payed all of his money, a diamond in Gary's Shell, change from 6 penny banks, his house and his pants. In estimate, the costs are:
    • wallet money: $200 at least since he barely spends it
    • the diamond (one as large as Gary's shell): $2250
    • the pennies in the penny banks: 36 cents
    • his house and everything in it: $5000
    • his pants: $18.00

So at a total of $7468.36, should it really cost that much for a spatula, and yet it took SpongeBob's pants to persuade the merchant, but yet not a diamond or his house and possessions?!

  • Immediately after the theme song ends, there is about two second's worth of a pause before the title card pops up. This is the only episode to have the delay.
  • How can you cook a monster krabby patty with meat that big?
  • SpongeBob has a Spatula from Barg n' Mart in Help Wanted.
  • The purple and gold 'Le Spatula' bag is surprisingly similar to the bag used for the Canadian made Crown Royal Whiskey.
  • The Monster Krabby Patty is not seen more throughout the series, possibly because it was taken out of the menu so Spat wouldn't break.
  • Would the hospital really take care of a spatula? If you realize, the computer can't be working on a spatula! It's not a person!
  • SpongeBob shouldn't flip the monster krabby patty with his spatula (he needs to do by hands), because the spatula is going to be useless.


Episode Transcript: All That Glitters

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