A-Pal-For-Gary Edit

A Pal for Gary
Episode No.: 131b
Airdate: January 2, 2010
Season: Season 7
Previous Episode: Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful
Next Episode: Yours, Mine and Mine

"A Pal for Gary" is an episode from Season 7.





SpongeBob gets Gary a very dangerous pet. He calls it Puffy Fluffy. When Gary tries to play with it, it eats the play toy! Gary hops on SpongeBob's head (a reference to a Tom and Jerry cartoon). That night, Puffy Fluffy almost eats Gary. So he runs up to SpongeBob and shows him the bed, but Puffy Fluffy is asleep! The Puffy Fluffy on the bed is a green ball. Gary goes downstairs and Puffy Fluffy is a monster raiding the fridge! It sets SpongeBob's house on fire. Gary puts it out, then SpongeBob wakes up and finds Puffy Fluffy about to eat Gary. It puts Gary down and tries to eat SpongeBob! Gary saves the day and the monster runs off. And the funny thing is, SpongeBob blamed the house burning on GARY even though he saw Puffy Fluffy eating Gary! Afterwards, SpongeBob takes Gary to the Krusty Krab as something he will do from now on. When Mr. Krabs sees this as "free labor", he offers Gary a spatula to cook Krabby Patties. Gary, though, doesn't seem to like this.

Reception Edit

This episode is considered one of the worst episodes of the entire series because of SpongeBob's behavior and inability to realize that Gary is in trouble, and that Fluffy was really a monster who wanted to devour him and Gary.

It was also hated for its VERY unfair ending


  • In this episode, Gary enjoys his alone time without SpongeBob, but in other ones, he gets miserable.
  • Why is SpongeBob mad at Gary when he saved his life?
  • How can SpongeBob sleep with all that noise?
  • It is revealed that Gary's full name is Gerald.
  • Tom and Jerry is actually referenced in this episode when Gary jumps on SpongeBob's head! This is a reference to a Tom and Jerry cartoon called Surf-Bored Cat when the squid cephalopod jumps on Tom's head like it got stuck to him.
  • Running Gag: Whenever SpongeBob is out of sight, Pluffy Fuffy attacks Gary.
  • Tom's son Timmy is seen with another man in this episode. It is possible this is his step father.
  • This maybe Timmy's last appearance because that monster he and his dad bought probably ate him alive. If he's still alive in future episodes, the monster may have tried to eat him in his sleep and he woke up and was able to escape.
  • There's a moral to this episode, Always listen to the salesman when they're trying to tell you something important about their product.

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