A Flea in Her Dome
Episode No.: 90a
Airdate: 1.8.2007
Season: Season 5
Back Episode: Sing a Song of Patrick
Next Episode: The Donut of Shame

"A Flea in her Dome" is an episode from Season 5.





The episode begins SpongeBob is still crying and Patrick joins him Patrick thinks it is Squidward. The real problem was; SpongeBob crying because Sandy has been gone for 2 days for a Texas convention. They set up a party in her treedome. However, when Sandy comes, she is very itchy. Sandy starts scratching herself like a wild animal, and soon it is realized that a flea is biting her. She wears a flea collar, and the flea jumps on SpongeBob. SpongeBob then takes the flea collar on his hand, and the flea makes several mosquito-bites like pumping on Patrick's belly. Then, the flea keeps escaping the Flea Collar from Patrick to Sandy to SpongeBob to Patrick to Sandy to SpongeBob to Patrick to Sandy several times. Soon, the flea gets on Sandy's head, and lays several other fleas, making Sandy, SpongeBob, and Patrick grow more swollen and lose more blood. They form a giant gunpowder shooting cannon of fleas and nearly shoot SpongeBob, Sandy, and Patrick. They all evacuate to Sandy's tree, after Squidward ignores them, and then all the fleas manage to get into the tree. SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy all complain to each other of whose fault it is for causing the Flea Rampage. SpongeBob now says that they'll have to live in the Treedome forever, and then Sandy gets an idea. She lets open of the door, and then all the water and fish get inside the dome. Soon, they're stuck inside and squeezed for a long, long time so it is unknown how they got out.


  • Patrick eats an apple, but how can he do this when he has his Water Helmet on?
  • So if it is an oak tree, how did apples grow on it? Oak trees do not grow apples.
  • SpongeBob could not pronounce Texas correctly. They read it as Tejas, but on previous episodes, both SpongeBob and Patrick could pronounce it correctly.
  • Native Mexicans pronounce "x" as an "h" sound, SpongeBob and Patrick may pronounce Texas in this way because of Texas's proximity to Mexico.
  • SpongeBob does not know what a flea is, but in the episode Squirrel Jokes, SpongeBob told the crowd, "I guess fleas need a home, too."
  • This is the seventh time SpongeBob and Patrick have a fight. The first was in Naughty Nautical Neighbors.
  • This was the first episode where Sandy has fleas.
  • How can SpongeBob and Patrick be bitten by the fleas if they do not have fur?
  • Fleas cannot reproduce that fast especially without a mate as seen in this episode.
  • How can the fleas cut the flea collar like sawblades? Fleas can't cut things.
  • And how does the shape of the cake change when Patrick eats it?
  • How can Patrick comb his piece of cake without the hair sticking to the comb? And where did Patrick get the comb from?
  • How can Patrick draw on himself without it turning out horribly if the graphite of the pencil cannot be properly applied to flabby surfaces, like skin and flesh?
  • It seems that Patrick can make himself a nose that looks exactly like squidward's nose. But he could of done this on Opposite day instead of using coral for a nose.
  • If water makes fleas go away, how come when Sandy got off the bus, the flea didn't go away? She's underwater (unless the flea is inside her suit).
  • Sandy's tree dome can't suck all the water in the world as seen in the last shot. Also at the last shot, if you look very closely, SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy are flashing to indicate where they are.
  • Sandy is shown in water in her bikini.
  • When Patrick is climbing up on Sandy, he steps on her breast area quite clearly.

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